About the Blue Starr Oyster Co.

Providing market oysters for the world and robust oyster seed for aquatic farmers.

Blue Starr Oysters

Starr Fisheries LLC

The Blue Starr Oyster Co. grows Pacific Oysters to market size, grows small oyster seed from a hatchery in an advanced nursery system to farm ready size for aquatic farmers, and provides aquatic farm planning - permitting - operating consultations. We teach farmers advanced methods that they'll need to grow successful aquatic crops. 



Market oysters

Blue Starr provides market oysters mainly through a partnership with Alaska Gold Oysters. Contact Dawn at Alaskagoldoysters on Facebook.


Oyster Seed

Blue Starr provides robust farm ready oyster seed to many successful oyster farmers in Alaska and Washington. Our seed is fully tested and permitted. Contact Eric at bluestarroysters@gmail.com for availabiltiy and pricing. 


Consultation and FLUPSY Sales

 In partnership with Crew Enterprises, Blue Starr is offering for sale units of it's new innovative FLUPSY.  Based on existing designs, this new design offers greatly improved performance and operation based on lean farming techniques.   Additionally, Blue Starr offers new farm feasibility studies, permit planning and application, and on going operational advice. Contact Eric at bluestarroysters@gmail.com for availabiltiy and pricing.